Yadav Gotra

This is the list of

Famous Yadav gotras


Afaria Atri Arudra
Ahalawat/Ahla Arukawal Akshitala
Badhgar Bhagtiha Bhatotia
Bhalerao Balwan Bichwalia
Bhillon Bakia Bidariya
Badhgir/Badhgariya Baniya Bichwal
Bhatia/Bhati Bhamasra Bhankoliya
Bamboriya Biswar  Barotha
Choura Chandela/Chandel Chauhan
Chitosiya Chikna Chora
Dagar Dusadh Dahiya
Dehran Datarta Deswal
Dabhar Dhamdolia Daima /Dhaima
F Fatal
Gangania Gaur Ghoshi/Ghosi
Gogad Gwalvansh Gangania
Ghummi/Gummi Gounwal Gothwal
Garhi Ruthal Gunwal Gawli
Gurawalia/gurwadia Girad
Harard Harbla/Harbala Hudinwal
Hada  Hinwaal
Jadwal Jhagdolya Jhagrolia
Jhawat Jhagdoliya Jhagrolia
Jadam Jhadav Jadeja
Jharodhiya  Jvari or jwari
Kakash/Kakkas Kashyap Kaanvi
Kholida Krishnaut Kosila
Khosya Kosaliya/Kousaliya Kalolya
Khatodiya Kushgar Khola
Kalaliya Khaliav Kherwal
Khor Khar Kadainyaa
Karira Kakralia Karaliya
Kathi/Kathia/kath Kheswal Kamariya
Krishnauth Komolla  Kharshan
Mandaiya Mandal Maratha
Motal Madha Metha
Methania Mehta Motan
Mahalay Mahla (महला) or Mahalawat (महलावत) or Mahlan or Mahlania Motan
Nandgopal Ninyan/Ninaiya Noniwal
Nakumb Narwaria Nainan
Nirman Nanganiya/Nigania Nirban/Nirwan
Peetla Panihar Pawalia
Pachwania Pacheria Phathak
Pachandula Pal Parihar
Sandil Sanp Skuriya
Satoriya Sigarhia Sounaria
Soundaliya Shashalla Sounaria
Sultania Sisotiya Sisodia
Sinsiniwar Singhania Sajatiya
Sigaria Sapa Saundele
Sishotiya Saundele  Shelangia
Tatla Tondak Turk
Terakiya Tondak Turk
Thukran/Thakran Tomar/Tomaro
Ullutia/Ullutla Udinwal
Virk Vaar Vallabala

* If any mistake found please mail me. So, I can update the list of great yadav gotras
Please help to update this list.

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192 Responses to Yadav Gotra

  1. Hirachand Yadav (chouhan) says:

    thank you

  2. Alok Maladhari(yadav) says:

    I am Alok from balaghat( mp) .In caste certificate my caste is Ahir but I don’t about my gotra please help me………….

  3. rajesh yadav says:

    allahabad u.p. please tell me my gotra & kuldevi or devta

  4. Deepak Yadav says:

    My gotra is KHUDOTIA & my village is Pithanwas, Distt. Rewari (Hr.). Please add it in your list.

  5. Chander Yadav says:

    In u.p Ghazipur district which yadav gotrs live? Would you tell me?

  6. Praveen kumar yadav says:

    Hi, can you tell me DAGAR gotra people are ghosi yadav or kamariya yadav

  7. arun says:

    Bhai ji mera dost he jo dusadh he par apne nam ke peche paswan lagata he jo bihar ka rahne wala he jo sc me ata he

  8. arun yadav says:

    My Gotra is bhadosia in mainpuri district of uttar pradesh. There are lots of gotra like aashaea, ekosia ,fatak, sondele,pataria

  9. Rahul yadav says:

    I am from auraiya(U.P)my gotra is Amoriya so please add it list

  10. K.sreedhar says:

    Ramesh Raju is a criminal trying to create differences among Yadavs .When Govt. of India and Andhra pradesh have classified Gollas and kurubas as Yadavs after extensive research,what is his problem,unable to understand.Just because he belongs to a neech,characterless caste whose profession is….he should not throw mud at others.

    sreedhar Yadav kongani.

  11. bittu yadav says:

    bhaiya,please tell me some gwalvanshi yadav gotras.

  12. bittu yadav says:

    bhaiya, kindly tell me few gwalvashi yadavas.

  13. bittu yadav says:

    I came to know that gwalvanshi aheers are shudras and yaduvanshi aheers are Kshatriyas. Is this true? I read this on talkYaduvanshi Ahirs.

  14. bittu yadav says:

    Bhaiya, I came to know that gwalvanshi aheers are shudras and yaduvanshi aheers are Kshatriyas. Is this true? I read this on talkYaduvanshi Ahirs.

  15. ramesh raju says:

    Nikhilesh Yadav ji … please don’t add any non-yadav gotras in your list. Gollas are no way releated to Yadavas in gotras, surnames, and customs. There are many pastoral castes in India. Gollas is one of them. There cannot exist a single pastoral caste all over the country. A profession can be taken up as livelyhood by many castes. Two or more castes with a common profession are believed to belong to the same race. For this reason all other pastoral castes like Gollas, Kurubas, etc., are claiming to be Yadavas, who were being mentioned in great epic Mahabharat. So I strongly believe that Gollas may equate to yadavas by profession, not by race. Original Yadavas worship only Krishna, but from the middle ages other pastoral castes too started to worship Krishna along with their old gods. I feel that non-yadav castes are ashamed of their own castes and claiming to be yadavas, just because Yadavas were being elevated in Mahabharat epic.

  16. venkat says:

    Some gotras are
    Arukatla and Budhala(Budala)
    Add these also
    You have done a good Job bro……

  17. ramesh raju says:

    Can any one list out Golla gotras?

  18. lav kumar says:

    We proud on yadav.kisnaut and maijhloth is subcast of yadav popularly known in bihar. My mob no 09570803666

  19. Manoj Yadav says:

    pls add my gotra savalodhia in your list
    i am from village sihore near by Mahindergarh, Hry


    I am Shashi Bhushan Kumar, S/o Shri Vijay Kumar Singh belong from Village Kumaru Bigha, District Jehanabad, Post- Kumhawan, State-Bihar. My Gotra is Mangraut. Yadav is the oldest caste of all caste.

  21. sachin yadav says:

    hi…..nikesh i am from bareilly(u.p) ….my gotra is jvari or jwari please add it in your list

  22. ramesh raju says:

    Gollas are no way related to Yadavas in gotras, surnames, beliefs and culture. They are just a pastoral tribe in South India, where as Yadavas are pastoral tribe in North India. Yadavas were mentioned in Sanskrit Mahabharat. Yadava is the dominant caste among all pastoral castes in India. When Mahabharat was translated to Telugu, the name Yadava was replaced by Golla, to reflect the nativity. Indian Government has grouped all pastoral castes in to one and named it as Yadava, for the easy implementation of reservation system.

  23. v p singh yadav says:

    all yadavs are brave

  24. Mukhram Yadav says:

    Hi Nikesh,
    I am from Laxmangarh, Alwar District, Rajasthan. You are doing very good job. Please add my gotra:- Shimla

  25. Veary grate job my gotr SOLALA IN .AP.AND INDIA

    • ramesh raju says:

      Gollas are no way related to Yadavas in gotras, surnames, beliefs and culture. They are just a pastoral tribe in South India, where as Yadavas are pastoral tribe in North India. Yadavas were mentioned in Sanskrit Mahabharat. Yadava is the dominant caste among all pastoral castes in India. When Mahabharat was translated to Telugu, the name Yadava was replaced by Golla, to reflect the nativity. Indian Government has grouped all pastoral castes in to one and named it as Yadava, for the easy implementation of reservation system.

      • yaswanth kumar says:

        how could you know all these things ….?where are you from?you are from which caste?do not judge based on present situations …golla is a caste who open garbha gudi of thirumala devastanam do you know this . . .?who told you golla is lower caste they were treated as highest in BC’s equal to kapu’s,velama’s and good reputed caste’s . . . don’t talk rubbish if you have awareness then comment on the issues do not make nonsense in blog . . .

        • yaswanth kumar says:

          if you have any doubt in this regard come to andhra pradesh (rayala seema) i will show you how good they are?… all the yadav caste names are similar to occupation in different regions



  27. Murari says:

    Hello Nikesh, I am happy at least one person is taking positive steps to uproot the yadav dynasty.

    If possible can you please add “Raagi Aakula” gotra to the list. We belong to Andhrapradesh.

    To be honestly I always gets pissed of when people say that yadavs fall under sudras, we ruled kingdoms. Even The Lord Krishna himself was born as yadav. He gave the holy book “bhagavtgeeta” to Hindus which is admired and followed by whole world.

    According to mahabharat, “Bheeshmacharya” the great grand father of “kauravas” and “pandavas” said that a person who rules(king) comes under Kshatriyas. That is the reason why “duryodan” made “karna” a king for “anga rajya” so that he would never be called as “Sudra”. Cause there are many yadav kings other than lord Krishna, how can we belong to sudras?


  28. LALIT YADAV says:


  29. vandanadas says:

    nikesh beware of andhra pradesh gollas. they are not an yadavas, they are wrongly clime yadava cast. golla is lowest cast in andhra pradesh. they are request to you their gotras include this website. be careful.

  30. sangameshwar yadav says:

    hi nikesh its great work…to unite all yadav…
    am from andhra pradesh as you all gotras are of north india yadav please try to add some south indian yadavs gotra too.

  31. arun yadav says:

    please add BAROTHA gotra….. in. ur list. BAROTHA gotra from Kamariya Yadavs

  32. please add abhira gotra in your website

  33. GAURAV YADAV says:

    PADHANIA, BACCHASS AND NONIWAAL are also Yadav gotra. You should also add these.

  34. lll says:

    please tel my gotra, my surname is TOGARI

  35. lll says:

    what is gotra for surname “TOGARI”

  36. Sadhna Yadav says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am not able to find our kuldevi or Kuldevta . My father gotra is “Nirman” & my Mother Gotra is “Khodiya”. My father belong to Sirondhan (Sikandrabad, UP). If you know about my kuldevi or kuldevta. Please share…?

  37. Bhaskar Yadav says:

    Can u please add my “AKSHITALA” gotra in Yadav caste .
    Am from Chittoor District (Near Tirumala, Tirupathi ), Andhra Pradesh State.

    Bhaskar Yadav

  38. Bhaskar Yadav says:

    Can u please add my “AKSHITALA” gotra in Yadav caste .
    Am from Chittoor District(Near Tirumala, Tirupathi ).

    Bhaskar Yadav

  39. rakesh says:

    Dear Nikesh,

    i am in very big trouble , actually i am in love with some one and her grandmothers gothra is NIRMAN and mine is NIRBAAN , so please can you give me the clarification whether both the gothra are same or diffrent . Please do the needfull as soon as possible.

  40. santosh yadav says:

    Please tell me the differance in gotra khodia and khoredia its urgent

  41. parveen yadav says:

    sir,you done a great job thaks a lot for this achievement.

    sir, can you tell me the village list of bhamasra gotra

  42. praveen says:

    Hello Nikesh & all,

    can you please tell me the kuldevi and gram devta of chitosiya gotra? My father is from Village Patasani, District Jhajjar, Haryana.


    • Nikesh Yadav says:

      Hi praveen,

      We are not able to find kuldevi or gram devta by gotra because in past our ancestor migrate from one village to another village

  43. Anil says:

    Hello sir, kya aap bata sakte h kya ?
    Gounwal. Aur. Gunwal
    Dono alag-2. Gotra h ya ye dono ek hi h bas bolne ka fark h ya sahi mein alag-2 h.

  44. melam srinivas yadav says:

    hai good job we are ARUDRA gotra khammam and krishna dist of andhra pradesh thanq

    • ramesh raju says:

      Gollas are no way related to Yadavas in gotras, surnames, beliefs and culture. They are just a pastoral tribe in South India, where as Yadavas are pastoral tribe in North India. Yadavas were mentioned in Sanskrit Mahabharat. Yadava is the dominant caste among all pastoral castes in India. When Mahabharat was translated to Telugu, the name Yadava was replaced by Golla, to reflect the nativity. Indian Government has grouped all pastoral castes in to one and named it as Yadava, for the easy implementation of reservation system.

  45. hemanth yadav says:

    Hi nikesh,
    You are doing wonderful job. No other site was there to tell us about gotras except yours. I am from Vallabala Gotra. But can you please provide the correct spelling and lineage of Vallabala Gotra. I was unable to find it even with my grandfathers.

  46. vinod ahir says:

    My village is near faizabad in up . What is my gotra.

  47. vinod ahir says:

    my village is near faizabad. What should my gotra be. Plz tell

  48. Ankur Yadav says:

    My dad’s side is from the Kalgan gotra. My village is Khatripur (Tehsil Narnaul) in Haryana. A neighbouring village, Dublana is also of the same gotra. Don’t know if any more villages of this gotra exist or not. Please add to your list.

  49. pawan yadav says:

    hello dhadaan gotra is missing your list,
    village Libaspur delhi-42 totaly dhadaan gotra & badli delhi-42 some faimily are dhadaan gotra,bhirad village & near villages disst. jhajhar haryana totaly dhadaan gotra,
    please add dhadaan gotra by request,

  50. Bodavula Rama Koteswara Rao ( Yadav ) says:

    Hi Nikesh,
    I am from Gudivada, Krishna District, Andhra pradesh. You are doing very good job. Please add my gotra:Harikuppala.

    Bodavula Rama Koteswara Rao

  51. Harshul says:

    Hi !!!!! I’m Harshul from Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh,
    Please add BISWAR gotra in any of the column.

  52. yogesh yadav says:

    i am a ghosi yadav . i want to know what is the deffrence between kamariya and ghoshi . i also want to their linage.

    • hardatt singh yadav says:

      i, am Ghoshi yadav from kanpur dehat. i,know that all yadavas are in Atri Gotra. if not pleas tell me about my Gotra.

  53. Harshul says:

    MY name is harshul … im from Mainpuri (Uttar Pradesh) . My gotra is BISWAR. I request you to add this gotra in any of the above column.
    thank you.

  54. srinivasan says:

    please tell me about nandagopala gotra

  55. kumar shivam says:

    hey nikesh..i want to know my gotra can u help me out

  56. omvir yadav says:

    my mothers gotra is shelangia village lookhi distt rewari haryana and a village shelang near mohindergarh of this gotra . shelangia fights against some kabilas very bravely so not ignore this gotra and add your list . thanks

  57. Sunil Yadav says:

    Hi Nikesh,

    Please add my gotra ” Kharshan” and ”Hinwaal” into list.


    • manish yadav says:


  58. nagendra kumar ankam says:

    please add my gotra as MUDDADA thankyou

  59. vamsi ellaboiena says:

    great job nikesh

  60. rachit kumar says:

    My name is Rachit Kumar .i dnt know my gotra ? how will i get to know?

  61. Pawan Gunwal says:

    Is there any gotra having 7 alphabets, starts from d and ends with c in yadavas?

  62. Vipin says:

    Pls add my gotra jharodhiya i m from village kheri khummar jhajjar haryana

  63. subhash yadav says:

    mr: nikesh yadav thks 4 yadav gotra list …………………………………..
    sir i’m subhas yadav frm village rindka….tahshil hatin n distict (palwal);
    our village hv 5 gotra…
    1 is my gotra bhankoliya
    2 is sishotiya
    3 is chitosiya
    4 is chikna
    5 is bamboriya in….
    next my knowledge
    my mother gotra is rabar n my grandmother kosilaya and my wife gotra is chora,
    our background village is padheni…tahsil tauru,distic (mewat).

  64. sunny says:

    my grandfather is harbala and my grandmother is kosaliya gotra and my mother is noniwal so wat gotras can i luk for for my marriage???

    • nikesh.yadav says:

      you can marry a girl who have gotra other than harbala, kosaliya and noniwal also match these gotra with her family…

  65. Vijay says:

    GREAT JOB Nikesh….
    I’m from AndhraPradesh.
    My gotra is “KOMOLLA”

    I’m searching more info about our community and came thru this great post..
    I also read that Great King “Sri Krishna Devaraya” is belongs to Yadava community but i read few controversies about this.

    Thanks for the great post bro..

    • nikesh.yadav says:

      you can Share more info about gotra or yadav community you can contact me on chat. I will share my personal email id so that we can do more for yadav community.

    • vandanadas says:

      Srikrishnadevaraaya was not an golla. he was chamdravamsa kshatriya linage of yduvamsha. gollas are lowest cast in andhra pradesh. they are not an kshatriyas. Srikrshnadevaraaya was belongs to balija cast. this balija cast is “NAYAK” s. balijas are 96 clans ruled by 56 countries. rayal was nayaka vamsa not an golla cast. gollas are wrongly claimed Kshatriya linage.

  66. urmilesh says:

    i am yadav of western bihar, my gotra is krishnauth. so please correct the spelling of krishnauth in your list.


    Dear Nikesh ji,
    You have not added Gotra from Braj Pradesh i.e. Etah,Firozabad,Mainpuri & Etawah.My Gotra is SAUNDELE.Saundele is migrated from ViratNagar to Saun Village near by Deeg distt.Bharatpur then they migrated to Badaun & Shikohabad.There are ancient time 8 villages of SAUNDELE i.e Urawar Hastarf,Nagla gulal,Nagla Hari Singh,VOVA,Balarpur,Marwa,Nathu ki thar,Nagla Taal.SAUNDELE IS A DOMINATED GOTRA IN THIS AREA.Please add this Gotra.Former state minister Mr. Ashok Yadav also belongs to this gotra.Apart from this there are Phatak,Barosiya ,Raut& around more than 100 Gotra.You can add these gotra in your lists.
    Thanks for your this very good efforts.
    Village: Urawar Hastarf(Gram panchayat having voting of more 15000 votes.)
    Distt. Firozabad(U.P)


    My Surname Is Chouhan and cast Nandvanshi Gavli (Yadav) but my gotra i dont know, please help me / My Cast home about 250 in Indore (m.p.) and surname as Jadam, Lilar, Chhotkhanda, Chouhan, Gunjan, pandey, tamkiya , udega, all surname as per bhat maharaj (vanshavali Reader) on baba nand’s Son /
    if i am wrong please help me.

  69. Karan Singh Bhatotia says:

    Good Job for Yadavs, Our gotra is Bhatotia and our villages are Nikhri,Dungerwas,Rasgan,Jonawas,Masani (Rewari) Haryana, pl add these and also add other Bhatotia Gotra Village and our orizin village pl.


    Karan Singh Bhatotia
    Vill- Nikhri

    • nikesh.yadav says:

      You can add majra. Thanks for comment.


      Dear Karan,
      There are 46 villages of bhatotia gotra in Rajasthan and Haryana
      I come from Rasgan and run a seed company in Hyderabad.Passed out of Nikhri high School in 1980.
      Other bhatotia villages are Bantkhani near Neemrana( their origin is from village Behali), Jokhas( 19 Km from Alwar on Alwar-Tijara road), kanhas Majri,Dahaka, Chakarpur
      I need to locate a paper written by my dad. People from all these 36 villages were invited for the Kaaj of DGP, Ajit Singh bhatotia’s mother.


      origin of bhatotia is from Dhani Bathotha on Narnaul- Nangal Chaudhary road in 1576. Our ancestor Girdhari settled Rasgan and thereafter 5 villages of Rasgan, Dungerwas, Nikhri, masani and Jonawas came into being.
      The reason to settle at rasgan was sweet water well Tilawa which was on trade route and near Saabi river

  70. Nemi yadav says:

    Dear Nikesh
    we have proud on you .because you are doing very valuable work for yadav society.
    go ahead our wishes always with you.

    kindly added my gotra raabad
    Nemi yadav

  71. Dr. Mahesh Yadav says:

    Dear Nikesh,

    My gotra is Raut. We are from Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh. In places it may be Rawat. In our number of villages near Shikohabad which is Yadav-dominated area. There are perhaps 100s of gotra of Yadavs (Ghosi and Kamariya).

    With regards,

    Dr. Mahesh Yadav

  72. Sangeeta says:

    mr. nikesh gotra means root mean origin of cast and i think all yadav come in one gotra and that is only atri gotra and gwal comes in other gotra because yadav is rajput and gwal is not . So plz dont mix both i know they are using yadav surname but their gotra is differ.I dont know from where people take lots off gotra but this is wrong I think some people using their village and ect as gotra. I study many books but I found only one gotra When I am wrong then plz tell me How?

  73. anil yadav says:

    Hi Nikesh
    We are from Rewari Haryana and GIRAD
    is a comman gotra in this region.

  74. vijay yadav says:

    my gotra is sapa in gawali caste plz add my gotra in your list !

  75. Hi…Nikesh yadav
    You are doing very good job.my Gotra is ULLUTLA.
    plz add it
    i also have a blog about yadav communiy…
    my blog is SKYEWA(Sri krishna Yadav Employees Welfare Assiciation)
    i am frm AP

    • nikesh.yadav says:

      Hi Telukutla.prasad yadav,

      you gotra has been added to my list. Thanks for appreciation. If you have yadav related blog then please share your link so i can put that on my blog also.

    • nikesh.yadav says:

      Please also confirm that Ullutia and Ullutla are same or different gotra.


    hi nikesh one more gotra is reqd to be added”ARUKAWAL”of yadavas .u have done a commendable job .thx

  77. Ajay Yadav says:

    I am from Bhamasra gothra which needs to be added. thanks

  78. Nakul Yadav says:

    Kindly correct the spelling of harbala gotra
    u mentioned it as “HARBLA”
    but the correct one is “HARBALA”

  79. arun kumar amar(yadav) says:

    i am arun kumar yadav (manjhraut)from vill: sondiha po: chutia block: shambhuganj dist:banka bihar.i belong to raut/rawat gotra. please tell me the kuldevi of my gotra.
    thanking you .in anticipation of reply. yours arun

  80. aishwarya yadav says:

    What is gotra and how do we come to know our gotra?


    we are belongs from West godavari district Yadava community and our gotharam is VALLABALA

    • nikesh.yadav says:

      Hi Kandukari,

      “VALLABALA” has been added to our gotra list. Thanks for contributing knowledge for yadava community

  82. AJIT SINGH YADAV says:


  83. Yadav Gotra | Nikesh Yadav's Blog I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thanks! your article about Yadav Gotra | Nikesh Yadav's Blog Best Regards Agata Nick

  84. Manish yadav says:

    ‘gothwal’ is missin… Great job, keep it up…

  85. Manoj Yadav says:

    Great to know. Well done. Pl insert Sigaria gotra.

  86. Kaveendra Yadav says:

    Bhai pls add Hudinwal also in your list.

    Thanks and Best Regards//
    Kaveendra Yadav

  87. suraj bhan yadav says:

    also coments; nigania & nanganiya & not mentioned khes wal gotar

  88. suraj bhan yadav says:

    please commets about jajam & jadam gotar.

  89. MUDIT YADAV says:

    my gotra is nirwan……i m living in delhi(rohini)…..my hometown is bulandshar(up)…..it is in ncr about 50 kms from delhi and 40 kms from faridabad……
    we have 4 villages of nirwan gotra there……..ismailpur ahir(mine),nangla,ritoli,sirodhan……
    our gotra is main gotra in DELHI also……samaypur,badli,haiderpur,balaswa, in parts of nangloi and nagafgarh……
    in rewari there are about 90 vilages of nirwan gotra….
    so nirwan gotra serves as large gotra of yaduvanshi aheers………

  90. ankit rao says:

    yaaar dabur nahi dabhar aayega……….nd wwooo yadav roxx

  91. Bharat kumar says:

    Plz tell me about KULDEVI of Mahla gotra.

    • nikesh.yadav says:

      Devi Garhi Mahasar is kuldei of mahla gothra of kund and near by area.

      Village Garhi Mahasar
      Tehsil/Mandal Ateli Nangal
      District Mahendragarh
      State/UT Haryana

  92. Bharat kumar says:

    Plz tell me about kuldevi of maha gotra

  93. Mahendra Pratap Singh says:

    first of all thanx, i admire ur courage. really great job. Plz also add following few what i know-
    Bhadosia, Banafar, Dilli Chohan(chauhan), Shondele(chandele), Kudar- all from Braj Pradesh(Mainpuri).
    Dadhor, Gaur, – from Kanpur.
    Manjarout,kishnout,Gwal(Gop), Kalita, Bhuyan(Means Jamindar), Barman- from Eastern india,
    Seuna,chudasam, ahir Rana, Boricha from Gujrat

  94. Devender Lamba says:

    Pl update Lamba Gotra (Yadav) Garhi Ruthal (Mahender Garh)

  95. mahipal Singh Kathi says:

    Hi , Please add some more gotras of Yadavs/Heers/Ahirs.

    Kathi/Kathia/kath , Sisodia , chandela/chandel , Thukran/Thakran,Jadam , Jhadav , Tomar/Tomaro, Pal , Parihar,sinsiniwar, Singhania ,ahalawat/ahla , Baniya , Bichwal , Ninaniya , Nirban/Nirwan , Rawat , dhillo , Bhatia/Bhati , Jadeja , Chauhan , Gawli , Daima /Dhaima , gurawalia/gurwadia .

    Will update you if found more..
    Thanks for doing this job.

  96. Robert says:

    My Dear, where is SISOTIYA. it is missing in your list. It is a major gotra of Yadav,s in and around Manesar Gurgaon.

  97. keshav yadav says:

    you have missing gotra “Harbla” ORIGINATED FROM RATA; RAJASTHAN

  98. Rajkumar yadav says:

    thanks yaar great job

  99. loveleen yadav says:

    hello nikesh’
    good job.but one more gotra is left i.e KAMARIA please also help me if possible to find out the kuldevi and kuldevta of kamaria my kul is samarfula thanx

  100. yatinder yadav advocate says:

    please add Sanwlodhiya gotra of yadavs of village Khatiwas Distt. Jhajjar Harayana and also add Jharodiya gotra of yadavs of village Kheri Khummar Distt. Jhajjar haryana

  101. yatinder yadav advocate says:

    please add Sanwlodhiya gotra of yadavs of village Khatiwas Distt. Jhajjar Harayan and also add Jharodiya gotra of yadavs of village Kheri Khummar Distt. Jhajjar haryana

  102. Vishwanath Yadav says:

    I know few of the Ahir Gotras: Badhgir/Badhgariya, Jhagdoliya, Nanganiya, Karaliya, Khola, Lamba. Please update your list. Thanks.

    • J.P. Yadav says:

      Thanks for listing Yadav Gotras. There may be many more to complete the list. I belong to Gunwal Gotra. There are many villages of this gotra in Narnaul and Rewari area of Haryana.

  103. Krishan Yadav says:

    Great job dear
    but an important gotra of Ahirwal – ‘Kakralia’ is missing.
    Kakralia people – originated from village ‘Kakrala’ near Kanina (south Haryana) are found in south Haryana and west Delhi.

  104. AJIT YADAV says:


  105. Deepak Yadav says:

    Thukran is missing from here

  106. sachin kherwal says:

    thanx yaar
    good job…!

  107. Campililips says:

    Now all became clear to me, I thank for the necessary information.

  108. Amarjeet Yadav Koslia says:

    ahut achha kam kar rahe ho kyonki kisi kavi ne kaha hai:


  109. Srinivas says:

    There are two more gotras to add “Pachandula” and “Arudra”

  110. ankit says:

    plz mention “karira” in ur list……
    this is also a gotra of yadavs

  111. rajesh yadav says:

    jo gotra aapne likhe h wo bahut kam h 1/4 se bhi kam fir bhi thanks

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