Visitors tracking on your website

Many developer want to create a solution that help them to track location and activity for their visitors on mobile and website. Analytics is used to measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, revenue etc.  Now-a-days, We have a lot of inbuilt solution as follows:-

  1. Google Analytics:- This is most popular tool for tracking your website user activity, provided by Google. This is  JavaScript based tool. You have to paste  Analytics  code to directly to your webpage. Its free, and cool. Most people use it.

    Google Analytics Home Page screen shows main features of Google Analytics

    Google Analytics Home Page screen describes main features.

  2. Yahoo! Web Analytics:- This is free  if you hosting your website to Yahoo!. It’s also free JavaScript based.
  3. Flurry Analytics:- Flurry Analytics interact with their mobile applications. Means,   This is best solution if you want to track you mobile App on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, BlackBerry and JavaME. The service is completely free, takes just five minutes for basic integration.
  4. Webtrends:- provides tracking and management for social, web and mobile. Also, Help to optimize your product. Pricing is depends on your requirement. you can contact sells team.
  5. Stat counter:- is free and tracks real-time human activity. This is free and another JavaScript code your webpage. This will give you feature to provide public stats.  You can create a counter and can place it on your website. It provides page-loading time too.
  6. Ip2location:- If you want to create you own tracking system. You can download bin  file and then use for your PHP, ASP, .NET and JAVA programs. IP2LOCATION also provides good documentation for developers.
  7. This is similar to google analytics and Stat Counter. Providing almost same features with a nice user interface. I think you will going to love it.
  8. Histats:-  Another Web  visitor tracking tool with almost same features.

I have mentioned a few analytics tool. But there are lot of other free tools available. No doubts Google Analytics is leading and most famous among  website owners.

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