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Who are yadavs?

Who are yadavs?

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Alias used for YADAV in different regions

Yadav, one of biggest community of the world, present in different areas of the world with different name, alias, are used for them. I am list them below:- Raat Rao ( Rao saab more commonly ) Ahir Yadav Yaduvanshi Gwala … Continue reading

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Shri Krishna was yadav

There are lot of searches regarding  bhagwan shri Krishna’s cast.

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Reason why yadav are Kshatriya not sudra

Population: Records say, “yadav are 15% of Indian population and 3% of world   population”.  Yadav we found in different countries of world, almost 200 countries.  This is fact a week varna like sudra can not expand them so its sure … Continue reading

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What is Gotra?

Gotra system is found among Hindus. But many peoples are confused  on gotra system. Now, Scientifically Gotra system is based on Y-Chromosome which is passed from father to son. Gotra is a division among peoples according to their family linkage … Continue reading

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Yadav Gotra [Update]

Please check updated list of yadav Gotra at http://nikeshyadav.com/blog/?p=95

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Yadav Gotra

This is the list of Famous Yadav gotras :- A Afaria Atri Arudra Ahalawat/Ahla Arukawal Akshitala AKSHITALA B Badhgar Bhagtiha Bhatotia Bhalerao Balwan Bichwalia Bhillon Bakia Bidariya Badhgir/Badhgariya Baniya Bichwal Bhatia/Bhati Bhamasra Bhankoliya Bamboriya Biswar  Barotha C Choura Chandela/Chandel Chauhan … Continue reading

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