Rupee is Indian origin currency. First introduced by Shershah Suri of Sur Empire.  Rupee is taken from RUPAYA from Sanskrit which means Silver Coin or MUDRA or currency. Basically,  Till that time gold coin was used as currency and most valued asset.

List of countries using Rupee as currency:-

Country name Currency Abbreviation
Bhutan India Rupee- use Indian rupee as primary currency and Bhutanese ngultrum as secondary currency and has equal value to INR INR
India India Rupee INR
Indonesia Indonesian rupiah IDR
Maldives Maldivian rufiyaa MVR
Mauritius Mauritian rupee MUR
Nepal Nepalese rupee NPR
Pakistan Pakistani Rupee PKR
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Rupee LKR
Seychelles Seychellois rupee SCR

Countries using Rupee as currency in past: –
Afghanistan use afghan rupee till 1925.
Tibet was also have currency name as the Tibetan rupee.
Dubai and Qatar has also use Indian nation rupee till 1959

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