Today, Mr. Barack Obama is India. And I am thinking about the leaderships. But  what is  “Pseudo-leader”? So, I am writing about the Pseudo-leader might be you too find it interesting.

Accouding to Wikipedia, Leadership is defined as “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.”

And three major type of leadership styles are common:-
3.Free reign

But here we are discussing about the psedo-leaders those may be commes under any type. Western Philosophy states that there in no valid leadership without a strong leader. But its also true that Pseudo-leaders too exists.

In most case leaders should not be working for the self satisfiction but to satisfy the followers. But pseudo-leaders fails to satisfy the followers. Pseudo-leaders are more interested in themselves than their followers

We know “pseudo” is a word user for the false or fake. So, the kind of leadership that we shows everythign is fine but its fails  is known as the false or pseudo-leadership and the leader is pseudo-leader.  Pseudo-leadership endorses values such as favoritism, superiority, and submission. Also, knowingly focus their followers on personal agendas instead of shared vision.  They engage in leadership at the expense of their followers because they are primarily concerned with their own self-interests.

Characteristics of pseudo-leaders:

  • seek to become the idols of their followers
  • concerned about their power and gaining more of it
  • enhance their status by maintaining distance from and their followers
  • known by those close to them to be domineering and egotistical
  • concerned about maintaining the dependence of their followers
  • welcome and expect blind obedience
  • privately contemptuous of those they are supposed to be serving
  • masters at manipulating behind the scenes
  • set and control agenda
  • withhold information
  • mislead, deceive and prevaricate.
  • wear different masks for different occasions
  • rationalize and justify their deceptions and contradictory behavior
  • publicly support but privately oppose and obstruct
  • not likely to listen to conflicting views
  • intolerant of the differences of opinion from their followers
  • overemphasize authority and underweight reason
  • take advantage of the ignorance of their followers
  • manipulate arguments to achieve the desired response
  • invent fictitious obstacles and imaginary enemies
  • highlight “we-they” differences
  • focus on plots, conspiracies, excuses, and insecurities
  • encourage favoritism, competitiveness, envy, greed, hate, and conflict

They create the impression that they are doing the right thing, but secretly fail to do so when doing the right thing conflicts with their own narcissistic interest. They claim they are right and good; others are wrong and bad.  They are the reason things go well; other persons are the reason for things going badly.  They are captains who sail under false colors.

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