how to make you ubuntu laptop a wireless access point or hotspot

Since five days, I was trying to share my Wired Internet from my ubuntu to my Windows 7 machine through wifi or bluetooth. This take a long time but this is solved for me.

Sharing Internet through Ubuntu Adhoc is not a big game but this work only if I use it without security.

Point To Share Internet:-

  1. Must Install dnsmasq-base Using command (sudo apt-get install dnsmasq-base) or synaptic package.
  2. Must remove dnsmasq through (sudo apt-get remove dnsmasq) otherwise dnsmasq-base and dnsmasq will conflict and show problem.
  3. Restart computer or Network Manager command is sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart.
  4. Left-click on NetworkManager icon, then select “Create New Wireless Network”

    Left-click on NetworkManager icon, then select "Create New Wireless Network"

    Create New Wireless Network

  5. Name a new connection say “Ubuntu Adhoc”. Dont any other Wireless securitybecause this will show problem with Windows.How To Name a Connection?
  6. Connected
    NetWork Connected
  7. On Other Machine search of the wireless connection with the name provided by you. Connect It and Enjoy.


Hope this will be helpful to you all.

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