Fetch RSS using PHP

RSS feeds are everywhere, and sometimes it’s a good idea to display one to keep people in the loop of important posts from your site, or sites you think might be relevant. Now, PHP 5 introduced the DOM extension which make it easy to work with XML documents. Now all it takes is just a small bit of code to fetch and display a feed.

The following code will first create a new DOMDocument() into which we will load the RSS feed.

$feed = array();
foreach ($rss->getElementsByTagName('item') as $node) {
$item = array (
'title' => $node->getElementsByTagName('title')->item(0)->nodeValue,
'link' => $node->getElementsByTagName('link')->item(0)->nodeValue,
array_push($feed, $item);
$limit = 10;
if ($feed == null) echo "does not compute";
for($x=0;$x<$limit;$x++) { $title = str_replace("&", "&", $feed[$x]["title"]); $link = $feed[$x]["link"]; echo ''.$title.'

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