Facebook Page Policies

Again, Facebook released new policies and guidelines. As on 30th March, 2012 we have all page with timeline. Many people thinks  timeline is crappy. They do not like it. But they can not stop Facebook. In next few days, Timeline will be all over on your profile, on your page profile.

So friends, I suggest you to visit and read all important policies at http://j.mp/wSZ0G8 or you can read here is short

  1. Facebook will remove your admin rights if you page have name like beer or pizza or not correct grammar and capitalisation or have punctuation or contains any trademark. So be careful and change or check  your page name ASAP.
  2. Your page’s cover  page will be public and anybody can see. and you may not type your address or offer or links.
  3. Tab page or links or applications will disappears and to add more applications you have to read http://j.mp/A3bhHc again a big list.

So friends please go through http://j.mp/wSZ0G8 and save you page and brand form Facebook.

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