Facebook Developer Garage

Recently , I attend “Facebook Developer Garage” at “Tekriti” Where I came to know that face has a network of at least of 120 million user and out of them 660k are developer and those people developed almost 52000 application.

Except facebook spokesperson, seven other speaker as follow :-

1. Fazle taher, IBT Games Inc .
2. Vikash Jawa , Zoomtra, Travel Agency.
3. Sunil Kumar, Wirkle Technology.
4. Niraj Rout, Mobiciles.
5. Piyush wadhera, Equals Inc.
6.Vidit Paliwal, Bigstep Technology.
7. Kapil, Slidshare.

Seminar Pics
Facebook Developer Garage Slideshow By Mobicules

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