Direct & Indirect Marketing

Direct Marketing

An interactive, integrative prospect communication and contact
program that spans the traditional funnel 
of search though measurable action or behaviour"

when the company targets the customer directly, like by door to door
marketing, outbound calling, by e-mails, by catalogues etc. This is 
for the Existing customer or for the group of people which is
targeted by the company or for a specific community of people.
Company do it on the database after R&D.

Indirect Marketing

Indirect marketing is a non-interactive, non-integrative prospect
 communication, it is just another word for advertising mediums 
(like cell phones and social networks), which can be used in either
branding marketing (which is indirect)This a very general term of marketing in this number of people 
targeted by the company or u can say all general people, it is only
for the inform peole that we have this product in market. like on
road banners, online adds etc.

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