Difference between joomla and drupal

Comparison  between joomla and drupal is a complex topic. Users of both CMS claims that they are the best.

Now, Without wasting time let me show you the tabular difference between joomla and drupal.

If anybody feels to add few things they are most welcome.

Drupal Joomla


Drupal’s setup file is smaller that joomla. Comparatively large file.
Admin Panel Drupal has a top bar which shows user is login as admin. Also, you need to login in different browser or session for  admin and normal user. Joomla has a separate administrator panel everything is well aligned and looks neat.  Also, user can login as administrator and normal user in same browser.
Development Drupal and joomla both are same learning curve only depends which tutorials are you following Drupal and joomla both are same learning curve only depends which tutorials are you following
Flexibility Drupal allow to add unlimited modules Joomla offers same. 
Extension Types Drupal allow making modules. Which are for all type of features. Joomla has Component, module, plug-ins and language.  All have different uses.
Development Learning Developer has to learn, “how to make modules?” Developers have to learn Component, module, plug-ins and language. Also, their admin part too. 
Extension Most of them are free Free and paid are available.
WYSIWYG Editor No Editor you have to install it separately. WYSIWYG editor included in core
Cache Strong Cache Module in core You can install separately.
Theme Easy and more Flexible, Site broken into Sections so you can design different layout for all pages. Not Flexible, Design must be similar for all pages.
MVC Joomla use MVC
Multilingual Better Better than drupal.
End User Difficult for End user. End user need training End user can learn from joomla demo site.
SEO Better Best
Support Good Good
For Large Site, and extensibility For non-geeks

At the last, I do not want to comment which is best CMS. Both are good and used for different purposes. So, Please check which features suits you best.

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