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India’s top rivals

During the great history of india, we can see  lot of rival. But I am trying to add  best. I am showing rivals and their rivalry time.

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Salad Vegetables & Fruits

This is the list of vegetables  and  fruits can be used in salad. We can choose anyone or all or some from the list add some mayonnaise, salt, vinegar  or anything else you like and our salad will be ready. Salad vegetables /  fruits … Continue reading

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Rupee is Indian origin currency. First introduced by Shershah Suri of Sur Empire.  Rupee is taken from RUPAYA from Sanskrit which means Silver Coin or MUDRA or currency. Basically,  Till that time gold coin was used as currency and most … Continue reading

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MAC Tips

Stop wasting time, I am listing as many tips i can show you for mac.

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Memory card is locked or “write protected”

Today, My canon camera show error “Memory card is locked” and window is also not allow to format. I can’t take a photo on my camera even not able to transfer files.

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Uses for an Old PC or Computer

I have purchased a new branded PC. Now, what shall i do with my old computer? I have few idea want to share with you.

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Mac Copy Folder Complete Path

Today, I m going to tell you how to copy complete path of your folder as text in Mac Finder. Step 1: First of open automator

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Fact or meaning of Nikesh

I want to clear you all that  Nikesh is not a Gujarati name and your contention that it ends with ‘esh’ to declare it gujarati have no grounds and it seems you never have been outside Gujrat. As the name … Continue reading

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My Family

Sister (left) Brother-in-law (center) Wife(right, green bag)

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My birthday

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