Rupee is Indian origin currency. First introduced by Shershah Suri of Sur Empire.  Rupee is taken from RUPAYA from Sanskrit which means Silver Coin or MUDRA or currency. Basically,  Till that time gold coin was used as currency and most valued asset.

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Ajax Image Upload

Ajax Image Upload With Progress Bar using PHP

Today, i am showing how to upload image with progress bar using PHP and AJAX.

Step 1 : First of all you have to create any HTML file for writing HTML, CSS and JS code, Basically, Client side code.

Let say file name is image_upload.html

code will look like.. Continue reading

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Web Banner Sizes

If you want to display banner on your site or want to show your advertisement on some other website then you must be crazy about their size.

Generally all banners are made with Flash. The exception is animated GIF. No worry you can check famous and recognised Web Banner sizes and name of online banner adverts below.
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Difference between joomla and drupal

Comparison  between joomla and drupal is a complex topic. Users of both CMS claims that they are the best.

Now, Without wasting time let me show you the tabular difference between joomla and drupal.

If anybody feels to add few things they are most welcome.

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Create EDM using Photoshop

Simplest way to create an EDM or newsletter or emailer is slicing using Photoshop, I am sharing video which explains beginner level PSD2HTML conversion for EDM or newsletter or emailer.
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MAC Tips

Stop wasting time, I am listing as many tips i can show you for mac.

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Memory card is locked or “write protected”

Today, My canon camera show error “Memory card is locked” and window is also not allow to format.
I can’t take a photo on my camera even not able to transfer files.
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Embed and play YouTube Video in EDM

Gmail is changing, Technology is changing, requirements are changing.

People are looking for new option for EDM or mailers. Today, I saw how can we add or play youtube video as popup in EDMs in Gmail

Below is code.
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Who are yadavs?

Who are yadavs?

Who are Yadav?

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