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Get Link from a URL using PHP

if you want to fetch all link from a particular URL using PHP. Then you can use following code. First of all create a php file for submitting  URL lets name it as getUrl.php

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Direct & Indirect Marketing

Direct Marketing An interactive, integrative prospect communication and contact program that spans the traditional funnel of search though measurable action or behaviour” when the company targets the customer directly, like by door to door marketing, outbound calling, by e-mails, by … Continue reading

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Rupee is Indian origin currency. First introduced by Shershah Suri of Sur Empire.  Rupee is taken from RUPAYA from Sanskrit which means Silver Coin or MUDRA or currency. Basically,  Till that time gold coin was used as currency and most … Continue reading

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Ajax Image Upload

Today, i am showing how to upload image with progress bar using PHP and AJAX. Step 1 : First of all you have to create any HTML file for writing HTML, CSS and JS code, Basically, Client side code. Let … Continue reading

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