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Embed and play YouTube Video in EDM

Gmail is changing, Technology is changing, requirements are changing. People are looking for new option for EDM or mailers. Today, I saw how can we add or play youtube video as popup in EDMs in Gmail Below is code.

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Who are yadavs?

Who are yadavs?

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Upload file on SSH using pem file

abc096:~ nikeshyadav$ scp -r  -i ireland.pem ~/Sites/ba_magicbox/  ubuntu@

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ICICI Payment GateWay With PHP setup

My friends please click here to download php files for ICICI Payment GateWay With PHP. For Latest files you can call ICICI development team. You can try following detail :- ICICI Customer Care Number 18001021673 ICICI Customer Care Email id: … Continue reading

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how to make you ubuntu laptop a wireless access point or hotspot

Since five days, I was trying to share my Wired Internet from my ubuntu to my Windows 7 machine through wifi or bluetooth. This take a long time but this is solved for me. Sharing Internet through Ubuntu Adhoc is … Continue reading

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Uses for an Old PC or Computer

I have purchased a new branded PC. Now, what shall i do with my old computer? I have few idea want to share with you.

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Fetch RSS using PHP

RSS feeds are everywhere, and sometimes it’s a good idea to display one to keep people in the loop of important posts from your site, or sites you think might be relevant. Now, PHP 5 introduced the DOM extension which … Continue reading

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