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WordPress fetch ACF email ids

if you are you advanced custum field plugin and wants to fecth all  email ids you can use following query SELECT a.meta_value AS Name, b.meta_value AS Email FROM ( SELECT * FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE meta_key = ‘custom_author’ ) AS a, … Continue reading

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How to Load images after page load


HTML developer are looking for solution 1. fast page load 2. SEO Here, I am explaining how user can load page fast by delaying image load Method is simple 1. Install a lazy load jquery plugin

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HTTP/1.1 Response using CURL with terminal or PUTTY


If you are looking for HTTP/1.1 Response  of your webpage. Do not worry about this. You can find your web-page response using CURL STEPS  TO FIND HTTP/1.1 RESPOSE:- open terminal or putty paste command DELMD:~ nikeshyadav$ curl -I see the … Continue reading

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Alias used for YADAV in different regions

Yadav, one of biggest community of the world, present in different areas of the world with different name, alias, are used for them. I am list them below:- Raat Rao ( Rao saab more commonly ) Ahir Yadav Yaduvanshi Gwala … Continue reading

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यादव Yadav

कौन कहता है की बेकार है, ^यादव^ सबसे दिलदार और दमदार है ^यादव^ रणभूमि में सबसे तेज तलवार है ^यादव^ पता नहीं कितनो की जान है ^यादव^ सच्चे प्रेम पर कुर्बान है ^यादव^ यारी करें तो यारों के यार है … Continue reading

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