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Unseen document from United States

The  again released unseen documents from the United States on Sunday 28th November 2010. This is the largest set of the confidential documents released by WikiLeaks for public. According to Wikileaks they publishing 251,287 documents  about the US Government’s … Continue reading

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Facebook Launched a new Messaging service

This is really good to know that facebook started a messaging service. Many peoples are trying to get the new email id. But you are not able to create an email id till you have not been invited by the … Continue reading

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How to install Apache on Fedora or CentOs using SSH?

This is the common question developers searching. They try the simplest solution to install Apache on CentOs Linux or Fedora Linux. These are the steps to install Apache or httpd using SSH Step 1: Connect SSH using following command in … Continue reading

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MySQL Community Edition

MySQL Community Edition continues to be available under the open source GPL  with no change. This is a great news form the MySql developers and users. Those are thinking about commercialization of the MySql Since the acquisition by Oracle. MySQL … Continue reading

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Today, Mr. Barack Obama is India. And I am thinking about the leaderships. But  what is  “Pseudo-leader”? So, I am writing about the Pseudo-leader might be you too find it interesting. Accouding to Wikipedia, Leadership is defined as “process of … Continue reading

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Oct. 27, 1994: Web Gives Birth to Banner Ads | This Day In Tech |

1994: invents the web banner ads which is most famous now-a-days. That time main browser was Netscape. And if you think ads slow down page loads now, think how peoples are downloading the first banner ads over thin dial-up … Continue reading

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Most Growing Bussiness in india

Online Matrimony service providing website are growing so fast in the India today. People are realizing the benefits of  choosing their partners on the net. It is much easy to search half a century profile in a day then to … Continue reading

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Welcome all

Welcome to the blog of mine. This is my first post. I started blogging! So Please wait for the new and interesting blog in future!!!

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